My favorite green smoothie


I was a vegetarian for 3 years. Survived veganism for 3 weeks. Tried to eat ‘paleo’ this summer, and made it about 20 days before I needed a big plate of pasta. Obviously, balance is not really my strong point. I guess what I’m trying is to say is that I’ve tried almost every foodgroup-limiting health trend. But here’s the thing, I just cannot give up my favorite things so easily.

Things I could never ever give up forever:
ALL korean food
– thanksgiving feasting
– chocolate
– boyfriend’s home-made fried chicken
– my occasional dirty chai latte
– bahn mi sandwiches
– great lakes christmas ale

The list goes on and on… And the older I get, the more I’m tired of hearing that everything is terrible for me. So now, I try to follow this mantra: everything in moderation. I’m just a happier and healthier person that way.

So today, I bring you one of my favorite ways to keep my diet balanced: the green smoothie! This is my every-day little win. All you need is a blender. I use a Vitamix, which basically pulverizes everything in its path. It’s the most useful & versatile kitchen gadget ever… But that is a whole different post just waiting to be written.

I love drinking one of these with breakfast. It’s is a no-fuss way to make sure I’m getting the vitamins & nutrients I need. It’s great for incorporating more fruits/vegs into your diet. Or if you just wanna go raw for a meal. The best thing about this smoothie? It is so yummy. And with super-foods like kale, chia seeds, and flax seeds, you can’t go wrong. It makes me feel like I am starting off my day in the best possible way. Then, I can proceed to eat all the Halloween candy & cheesy grits I want. Kidding. Kind of.
Here are the ingredients (quick & dirty)
Throw everything in a blender.
Just a few tips:
core the apple
squeeze juice from lemons (but remove seeds)


You can substitute any ingredient you’d like. Sometimes, if I’m craving something a little sweeter, I’ll throw in orange juice instead of coconut water. If I want something richer/creamier, I’ll add in some almond milk & yogurt. Post workout, I’ll throw in some whey protein powder. What are some of your favorite smoothie add-ins? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!



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